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Rafter P Ranch

1/2 Beef - DEPOSIT

1/2 Beef - DEPOSIT

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Approximately 320 lbs - Hanging Weight

BC Bred, Born, Raised and Processed.

This is Dry Aged Beef that is free from antibiotics, growth hormones and any other additives. This is natural beef that makes such a delicious meal every time.

In a 1/2 Beef Share, you can expect:

*40% premium ground beef

*35% savory cuts - roasts, stew meat, brisket, back ribs, short ribs

*25% steaks - New York Strips, Rib Eyes, Tenderloin, Sirloin Tips, Top Sirloins plus multiple bonus steaks and special cuts.

Quantities are approximate

Will require approximately 6-7 cubic feet of freezer space.

Each 1/2 beef will cost approximately $2,560 total. Your final bill, after deposit, will be approximately $1,760 - depending on final weight.

*this is a non-refundable deposit*


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