Welcome to Rafter P Ranch

We are a family run cattle business, providing our customers with top quality grass-fed beef.

We offer a mouthwatering selection of meats that are super rich in nutrients, such as anti-inflammatory Omega-3 fatty acids, which can aid in recovery and overall health goals.

Feel good about your choices with meat from ethically raised animals, supporting sustainable and regenerative agriculture practices.

Healthy Beef You Can Trust

At Rafter P Ranch, we take pride in raising our animals ethically and sustainably. It is our belief that the quality of life we give our cattle is reflected in the finished meat. This means our main focus is raising our cattle naturally, without any hormones or supplements. It is our goal to provide a quality product that is both healthy for families and healing for the environment.
If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please let us know and we will make it right!
That's our Rancher's Honour.

Bulk Beef

Ordering Bulk Beef will
keep you fed for up to a year or more! This may be the only beef purchase you
need to make all year!

Can you imagine

Not having to go to
the store to buy beef ever?!

In our Bulk Beef
orders, you will have all the variety at your fingertips to keep dinner time
new and exciting, all while supporting your health and feeding your body
optimum nutrition.

Bulk Beef is also a great option if you're splitting the share with
another family or two, that way everyone gets our best deal. And no need to
worry about keeping it stored - our vacuum sealed packaging completely protects
the beef for well over a year.

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Add-Ons and Cured Meats

From ground beef boxes to pepperoni, we have plenty of delicious options to add onto your orders! Perfect for charcuterie trays, healthy snacks, or feeding extra company!

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